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We are one of the biggest integrated, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services providers in Hong Kong. We provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy and nursing care services. Our clients include old aged homes, non-government/non-profitable organizations, special schools and different types of rehabilitation centres. The job natures/fields include psychiatric, developmental disability, physical and geriatric rehabilitation services. We focus on development of independence of therapists. Nevertheless regular on-job supervision will be provided for juniors. We care about staff’s welfare. Our professional staff is entitled to “Labour Insurance” and “Medical Malpractice Insurance”.




We hope to promote the rehabilitation culture in Hong Kong by providing high quality rehabilitation services. The main obstacle to keep it from stepping forward is the shortage of OT in Hong Kong. Therefore we would like to ask for your help to make this happen! We hope to recruit overseas PT who intend to work in Hong Kong. The major concern might be their adaptability but we are sophisticated in recruiting overseas PT (Taiwan, Australia, UnitedState and etc.). Our senior PT provides supervision and clinical support to our new PT especially for the juniors. We are confident in assisting candidates to adapt to the new working environment with our greatest effort. The job we offer is very competent in terms of salary, welfare and support compared to other similar local settings. Please refer to the enclosed files for our recruitment procedures and job requirement for overseas PT.






1. Recruitment procedures


2. Job requirement




We would appreciate it if you could kindly assist. Please contact us by email (admin@willingrehab.com.hk) if you have any enquires.




Our website: http://willingrehab.com.hk/


Our clients: http://willingrehab.com.hk/html/partner.html




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Willing Rehabilitation Services Centre Limited



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Email: Admin@willingrehab.com.hk


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